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Photos of Laganja Estranja with Honey Pot Hemp CBD Body Care Products

“Relaxation can be hard sometimes, especially in this turbulent era where it seems impossible to turn off and relax. This box set by world-renowned artist Laganja Estranja and Honey Pot Hemp features the best combination of CBD and body care to create an amazing and genuinely effective relaxation process. Distinctive essential oil blends bring not only the power of hemp to soothe your body and mind, but also beautiful scents like Lemongrass and Lavender to utilize the full healing potential in plants. Keep your skin hydrated with Blue Dream Cream Body Lotion, containing 1000mg of Hemp CBD (an unbeatable anti-inflammatory great for reducing blemishes). Or set up for a successful day with the Super Lemon Blaze Hand & Body Wash, which purifies and tones skin with 1000mg of Hemp CBD and the rejuvenating essences of lemongrass, pure lemon, and bergamot. Fit for queens and kings alike, this is a fabulous gift for one or to share!”

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