Adam Ill is a well-known activist, event host, and long time friend of the Honey Pot family. His work in the industry has earned him a reputation as a trusted voice within the cannabis community.

We’re so very proud to have collaborated on the Honey Pot x Adam Ill Hemp CBD Body Care Box Set. Three products, one unique scent created by Adam Ill.

The Adam Ill Hemp CBD Box Set Includes:

Deodorant – 1000 mg Hemp CBD

Hand & Body Wash – 1000 mg Hemp CBD

Body Lotion – 1000 mg Hemp CBD

Infused with Juniper Berry, Lavender, and Rosemary Essential Oils.

Juniper Berry essential oils act as a natural skin toner and reduce the appearance of skin blemishes. Its woody, spicy, yet fresh aroma has a calming, grounding effect.

Lavender essential oil is frequently used to reduces anxiousness and the appearance of skin imperfections. It has been cherished for centuries for its unmistakable aroma and benefits. 

Rosemary was considered sacred by the ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Hebrew cultures. Rosemary oil’s herbaceous and energizing scent is frequently used in aromatherapy. 


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